(5 DAYS – 4 NIGHTS) – From Desert to the Andes of La Rioja

  A fascinating journey through the Geological Periods and Eras, touring the World Heritage Site Ischigualasto-Talampaya, red canyons, multicoloured valleys and stunning geological fractures, the majestic mountain range of Famatina crossed by Route 40 in a colorful slope Miranda and Chilecito in three days of intense journey completing a magnificent trip to the Andes to the enigmatic Laguna Brava, located in a vast plateau at 4200m and framed by a majestic landscape of snowy peaks, colorful mountain ranges and volcanoes whose towering snowy peaks over 6,000 meters above sea level.


 (6 DAYS – 5 NIGHTS) – La Rioja, San Juan & Mendoza, Andean Valleys of Cuyo

  An interesting program where we go back to the geological past of the region, the Triassic Period, where awesome geo-forms are set in front of our eyes, an immense backdrop of rocky sculptures carved by erosion over 200 million years. Today World Heritage site “Ischigualasto-Talampaya”. We continue the trip from the province of La Rioja to San Juan and Mendoza picturesque inter-mountain valleys, gentle linking towns with a rich colonial history, its green vineyards and beautiful scenery at the foot of the majestic Andes Mountains, whose snow-capped peaks are custodian of our step.


(6 Days – 5 Nights) – Travelling Route 40th From La Rioja to Salta

A complete program touring the West Valleys of each province, starts from La Rioja to the north, at the foot of the Sierra del Velasco, touring the villages of the Costa Riojana until junction with the mythical National Route 40 the most touristic in Argentina, linking colourful picturesque valleys between mountain ranges of northern Argentina, La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy, visiting the most important historical, cultural and tourist sites in the region.


(8 Days – 7 Nights) – Land of Volcanoes, Lakes and Salt Flats

 A unique program for its magnificent highland scenery. Developed entirely on the Andes in 4×4 vehicles, from picturesque valleys between the mountain ranges of the Sierra del Velasco in the Province of La Rioja the extensive Highland Plateau in Northern Argentina, with its Lagoons, white snowcapped volcanoes and gigantic Salt Flats and its blackened washes basaltic rocks, palpable evidence of volcanic activity that shaped this region during the last 60 million years.