(8 Days – 7 Nights)
Total Distance 1.600 km.

Day 1 La Rioja, Transfer IN.
Accommodation in La Rioja. Reception at the airport or bus terminal and transfer to Hotel in La Rioja.

Day 2 La Rioja – Londres – Belén – El Peñón.
The Costa Riojana tour, Quebrada de Belen, Cuesta de Randolfo, Laguna Blanca and El Penon. Accommodation in El Penon. Depart from hotel at 8:00 a.m. from La Rioja to Aimogasta. Touring a string of picturesque villages at the foot of the Sierra of Velasco, we cross to the Province of Catamarca to visit Londres, the Inca ruins of Shincal, Belen and Quebrada of Belen River towards the Andes, passing through El Eje, Puerta de Corral Quemado, Villavil, Quebrada de Indalecio and Barranca larga, climbing Cuesta de Randolfo to 3,000 meters in the High Biosphere Reserve of Laguna Blanca (wild vicunas). In the afternoon, we arrive to the picturesque village El Penon, gateway to the volcanic deserts of height.

Day 3 El Peñón – Antofagasta de La Sierra.
Excursion to Pumice Stone Field and Highlands volcanoes. Accommodation in Antofagasta de la Sierra. We leave El Peñón to enter the Pumice Stone Field, a large sand place covered with whitish huge boulders formed by ancient layers of compact and fractured volcanic ashes. Afterwards continue to the highlands dotted with numerous volcanoes as Carachi, El Jote, Carluchi, Los Negros, La Alumbrera, Antofagasta, among others, with its striking lava washes clearly visible almost as if they had just spilled their inside magma, today solidified blackened basaltic rocks. We visit the Pucara de la Alumbrera at the shores of Laguna Antofagasta. On the afternoon arriving at the small town of Antofagasta de la Sierra, an oasis of up to 3,400 m sparsely populated.

Day 4 Antofagasta de La Sierra – Antofalla – Tolar Grande.
Excursion to the Salt Flats of Puna. Accommodation in Tolar Grande. We start from Antofagasta touring the vast highlands of the Andes, the Sierra de Calalaste at the foot of the volcano of the same name and cross the Salt Flat of Antofalla to reach the homonymous village at the foot of the volcano of 6,420 meters Antofalla. We continue north to cross the border with Salta to the edge of Salt Flat of Arizaro and visit the unique cone Arita, a perfect bonnet of the great salt flat. In the afternoon we arrive at the village of Tolar Grande.

Day 5 Tolar Grande – Pocitos – San Antonio de Los Cobres.
Excursion to the Ojos de Mar, Pocitos Salt flat, Cauchari Salt flat and Polvorilla Viaduct. Accommodation in San Antonio de Los Cobres. Departing from Tolar Grande, we visit the Ojos de Mar (Eyes from the Sea), crossing the Devil Desert and 7 curves Spot with its captivating landscapes, we continue to Pocitos Salt flat and Cauchari Salt flat in the Province of Jujuy, surrounding the south of Tusgle volcano 5,486 m, getting back to Salta, ascending to Chorrillos at 4,500 meters, we began descending to visit the Polvorilla Viaduct, huge bridge with steel structure used by the famous Train to the Clouds. Finally in the afternoon we arrive at San Antonio de Los Cobres.


Day 6 San los Cobres – Salinas Grandes – Purmamarca.
Excursion to Salinas Grandes, Cuesta del Lipam and Seven Colors Hill. Province of Jujuy. Accommodation in Purmamarca or Tilcara. We leave San Antonio de los Cobres crossing the vast highland plateau to the Province of Jujuy to visit the Salinas Grandes (great salt flat), salt exploitation, workers and craftsmen of salt. Then descend the beautiful slope of Lipam with winding curves and unique panoramic views appreciating various mountain formations of varied colors to arrive at Purmamarca, picturesque village of traditional adobe buildings and roofs of reed and straw, located at the foot of the famous Hill of Seven colors, giving it a setting of incomparable beauty.

Day 7 Purmamarca – Humahuaca – Salta.
Excursion to the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Accommodation in Salta. We start from the Hotel through the various scenic and cultural attractions of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, World Heritage Site, Paseo de Los Colorados, the hill of seven colors, the palette of the painter in Maimará, the Pucara of Tilcara, Uquia Chapel where are exhibited the paintings of Angeles Arcabuceros Cuzqueño fine art, we cross the Tropic of Capricorn to the north, visiting the town of Humahuaca and historic monuments. To finish, return to Salta in the afternoon.

Day 8 Salta, Transfer Out.
Transfer Hotel Airport. At the appropriate time, transfers from hotel to the airport of Salta.