(5 Days– 4 Nights)

Total distance 950 km.

  • Day 1 La Rioja, Transfer IN.
    Accommodation in La Rioja. Reception at the airport or bus terminal and transfer to La Rioja Hotel.

  • Day 2 La Rioja – Anillaco – Aimogasta – Londres – Belén.
    Excursion to the Costa Riojana, Londres and Belen in the Province of Catamarca, Accommodation in Belen. Departure from La Rioja west across the Quebrada de Los Sauces, crossing picturesque towns at the foot of the Velasco mountains, including Sanagasta, Agua Blanca, Chuquis, Anillaco and Aimogasta (Cradle of Olives), visiting the main attractions of each place. We continue to the Province of Catamarca, visiting Londres (Cradle of the Nut) and Shincal Inca ruins, the remains of an aboriginal populous urban center inhabited in the 15th and 16th centuries was part of the Great Inca Empire. Arriving to Belen (the birthplace of native camel wool fabric). Accommodation in Belen.

  • Day 3 Belén – Quilmes – Cafayate.
    Excursion Quebrada de Belen, Amaicha del Valle and Quilmes Ruins in the province of Tucumán. Accommodation in Cafayate (Salta). Departure from Belen, we cross the Belen river valley to Santa Maria, gateway to the Calchaqui Valleys and Amaicha del Valle in Tucumán Province, visiting the ruins of Quilmes, in a majestic stage at the foot of the mountain surrounded by countless cactus and remnants of aboriginal constructions, striking fortress developed in stages on the slopes of the hill, one of the most important indigenous settlements of the country, annexed to the Inca Empire, whose inhabitants fiercely resisted for more than a century attempts to submission of the Spanish Crown. Then we move to Cafayate city with perfect microclimate for wine production in Salta Province. Accommodation in Cafayate.

  • Day 4 Cafayate – Valles Calchaquíes – Cachi
    Excursion Quebrada de Las Conchas, Quebrada de Las Flechas, Molinos, Seclantas and Cachi. Accommodation in Cachi. In the morning we tour Cafayate, Province of Salta, a city with an ideal microclimate for wine production, we visit a winery and then we get into the famous Quebrada del Rio Las Conchas, splendid Natural Monument landscapes and reddish formations sculpted by erosion on the cliffs at the roadside, the Amphitheatre and the Garganta del Diablo. Then we head back to the legendary Route 40 into the Calchaquí Valleys, through the spectacular Quebrada de las Flechas, visiting a string of picturesque villages such as San Carlos and Molinos where we visit the House of Viceroy Isasmendi, the church, historical monument and an Important Winery in Colome, the journey continues by Seclantas, to the town of Cachi framed by the rivers Cachi and Calchaquí, cobbled streets and low buildings a typical colonial Hispanic tradition, we visit the Archaeological Museum and the Church. Accommodation in Cachi.

  • Day 5 Cachi – Parque Nacional Los Cardones – Salta.
    Excursion to Los Cardones National Park, Stretch of TinTin, Enchanted Valley, Quebrada de Escoipe, ending in Salta. After breakfast we start with Cachi leaving the Route 40 to pass through Los Cardones National Park where we move through the famous stretch of TinTin 17 Km long surrounded by innumerable and majestic cactus. We ascend the mountain range to the highest point in the millstone to 3,348 m.a.s.l. and descend touring the winding curves of the path of Cuesta del Obispo in the Quebrada de Escoipe to arrive in the afternoon to the city of Salta. Transfer to hotel in Salta. End of services.