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The most complete package to visit the Province of La Rioja in seven days, starting from the Capital to the mountains of Velasco, continuing by the Bermejo Valley where we visit the parks Talampaya and Ischigualasto, the curious colored canyons around Villa Union, climbing to the Andes to the highlands of the Laguna Brava, crossing multicolored mountains, also the heights of the imposing Famatina for its picturesque Cuesta de Miranda to the Antinaco Valley visiting Chilecito and surroundings, to finally return to the capital by the low hills of Los Colorados.

Total Distance: 1300 Km.
7 Days – 6 Nights


  • Transfers Airport / Hotel / Airport.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in La Rioja with breakfast.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in Villa Union with breakfast.
  • Excursion to La Costa Riojana (Sierra of Velasco).
  • Excursion to Antinaco-Los Colorados (Chilecito).
  • Excursion through Cuesta de Miranda (Sierra Famatina).
  • Excursion to Laguna Brava in the Andes.
  • Excursion to red mountains in Banda Florida.
  • Excursion to Talampaya National Park.
  • Excursion to Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Moon Valley).

Not included:

  • Circuit inside Talampaya. (Park vehicle, mountain bike or trekking)
  • Tickets: Valley of the Moon and Talalampaya.
  • Meals.


Day 1: Reception, transfer and accommodation Hotel in La Rioja with breakfast. Rest of the day at leisure.

Day 2: Excursion to Costa Riojana, visiting the residential area of ​​La Rioja Capital, La Quebrada and Los Sauces Dam, Villa Sanagasta, Huaco slope with panoramic views, and a chain of picturesque towns on the Costa del Velasco: Agua Blanca, Las Peñas, Chuquis, Pinchas, Aminga, Anillaco, visit winemakers and small wineries that produce homemade wines. Return to the hotel in La Rioja alternately by Arauco Flat or Huaco. You can extend the tour opting for a visit to the castle of Santa Vera Cruz and the city of Aimogasta, birthplace of olive, visiting olive plantations and a 400 years old olive tree saved from the massive cut ordered by the Spanish Crown.

Day 3: Excursion to Ischigualasto: Depart from La Rioja to Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Moon Valley, Province of San Juan), which together with Talampaya National Park (La Rioja) were declared by the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site by its landscape, scientific, archaeological, paleontological and geological value. We enter with our vehicles to a 3 hours circuit with 5 stops, observing unusual geo sculpted by wind and rain forms such as the Worm, Balls field, the submarine, the mushroom and the red canyons. In the afternoon transfer to Villa Union.

Day 4: Excursion to Talampaya: Depart from Villa Union to Talampaya National Park, also a World Heritage Site for being the only place on Earth where on surface are exposed sedimentary layers of the entire Triassic Period. We enter the circuit in park vehicles on groups “Talampaya Canyon” 2.5 hours, entering the dry riverbed of Tala, between straight and imposing cliffs 150 m high, the Grand Canyon, with 4 stops, watching petroglyphs, palpable evidence of the passing of former inhabitants of the region, representative vegetation, fauna and varied geo carved by erosion over millions of years, such as the Wizard king, the Gothic cathedral, the tower and the Monk forms, among others. In the afternoon returning to Villa Union we visit La Banda Florida, curious maze of red canyons, to see petroglyphs.

Día 5: Excursion to Laguna Brava Vicuñas Reserve: Circuit of incomparable scenic beauty in one day ascending the Andes through two very different Valleys, Quebrada de la Troya and the multicolor Quebrada del Penon to reach the vast highland at more than 4,000 meters, where we find the Laguna Brava, surrounded by numerous volcanic peaks, inserted in a high Andean region that has been declared ” Vicuñas Reserve” for the protection of this species, flora and fauna. Leaving Villa Union 8.30 am, visiting Vinchina, Diaguitas Stars, stunning geological folds of the Quebrada de la Troya, Jagüé, the last town and historic shelters, climbing to the mountain by the multicolor Quebrada del Peñon with panoramic views until the Reserve Laguna Brava at 4200 m Tour around the bay of the Flamingos and various other attractions, with sightings of herds of vicunas and guanacos. In the afternoon, return to the hotel in Villa Union, arriving at approximately 7.00 pm.

Día 6: Excursion to Cuesta de Miranda and Chilecito: We leave Villa Union, crossing the mountains of Famatina by the colorful Cuesta de Miranda (Route 40), visiting the historic monument of the Mine La Mexicana, station 1, the mining museum, SamayHuasi museum of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Santa Florentina winery, Rio del Oro. We also visit a winery where we do some tasting of the famous Torrontés white wine, Rioja authentic strain. In the afternoon return to the city of La Rioja by Los Colorados.

Día 7: Transfer Out Airport. At the appropriate time, transfer from hotel to airport La Rioja.